Welcome to the Tycoon World! The Mission of the Tycoon World is to create a “chain game” self-governed by the players.

The Goal is to bring joy and benefits to all players. We hereby promise that the game will be fully self-governed by the players and the community, and the players have full autonomy.

The project team would be involved for developing and operation only. Before the official launch of the game, we would gradually reveal various game mechanics and guides on how to use NFT.

Our world is rich with resources such as minerals, fertile land and animals. Explorers from all over the universe settle and set up their cities here, aspiring to be the mightiest tycoon in this world.

In this land of dreams, he will be rewarded for every investment he make in his city. Here, tycoons can use the exclusive NFT to produce food, building materials and minerals to gain TPG, the only official currency.

Knowing there is strength in numbers, some would combine their cities to establish city-states.

Tycoons compete to be the richest man in this world. Because a powerful city-state can tax the plot of land, City Lords unite more tycoons to strengthen the city—state. Unfortunately, some tycoons start their settlement on barren lands. Tycoons from these lands would lead their citizens to the fertile land and encounter all kinds of difficulties in their journey, forming unique experiences of wars, betrayals, and sacrifices.

In this journey full of surprises, excitement, fun and love, what interesting things can the tycoons encounter? We invite you to witness it together! ! !


Route 1:

1. Complete the script, Smart Contract Development, Online mining

2. Complete UI development, Beta UI testing

3. Deployment platform

4. Develop standard packages and sell

5. Consortium established

6. Lord mechanism development and testing

Route 2:

1. Consortium upgrade

2. The lord mechanism works

3. Development and testing of aquaculture sector

4. PVE/PVP development and testing

5. Community Collaboration Invitation

Route 3:

1. PVE/PVE operation

2. Breeding plate operation

3. Interactive development and testing

4. Mobile development and testing

5. Consortium listing plan test

Route 4:

1. Run interactively

2. Run on mobile

3. Marriage development test

4. Consortium listing